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Erie's Greatest Generation Remembers

“We were in Germany when we were told that the war was over and Germany was done. We shook. None of us thought we would ever go home.”
Vinnie Calarco, Sgt. U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge, Omaha Beach 1943-44, Part II

Korea: The Forgotten War

“I hauled the atomic bomb. I had the bomb over here tied down. And the fuse over here tied down. You put them together, and there it is! That’s what it was all about – top secret.”
Anthony Grzegorzewski, U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. 1951-54, Part I

Vietnam: Common Bonds

“As a triage nurse, you are playing god because you do have to decide who lives and dies until the physicians get there.”
Charlotte Miller U.S. Army Nurse Danang, Vietnam 95th Evac Pre-Op 1970-71, Part II

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